Sunday, April 26, 2009


I have fall in love with this mask!!!

Clinique turnaround 15- minute facial is the fastest and easiet way to create smoothness on your face.

Mask is important in our skin care because it will help to remove the dirt in our skin or moisturize our skin.

After using this mask, your skin will feel smooth and radiance.

We should use mask at least twice a week to improve the healthy skin gene. This mask is also useful in treating your skin problem.

You may use this turnaround concentrate visible skin renewer during night bacause the Clinique promoter told me that it will enhance the renewal process during the night time.


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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chill out at night

When hanging out with friend during night, the simple make up will boost your confidence.
Eye shadow is a great way to enhance and bring out your natural eye colour.

Clinique fresh bloom eye shadow will create a sheer radiance that make you look fresh.

But if you wan stand out from the crowd during some "special event" like....



friend's birthday party:p *~*winks*~*

Clinique colour surge eye shadow super shimmer will smooth creamy texture and give you a luminous look!!!

To prevent your face look red after drinking too much liquor, a foundation and face powder can make your face won't look so red...emm, a crap from me=)

Superpowder double face powder provides a powder and makeup in one.

It can be used as portable makeup or finishing powder over makeup base.

since Clinique name it as "superpowder", i think it should be powerful enough to cover the flaw on face and make the face look flawless^_^


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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Clinique service counter in Jusco

Busy preparing with mid term test in library...
But i can't neglect my blog too...hehe~
I went to Jusco on monday with my classmate to had our lunch and i was able to snap this picture for my blog.

snap by me. not dare to go closer,haha~

snap by sherlin=)

Yeah, i'm going to talk about Clinique service counter.

The service counter's appearance is clean and bright enough to attract the customer to the counter.
The product is arrange neat and nice in the counter.
The consultant will also introduce you with the product that suit with your skin type.
The assistance of skin consultant will prevent customer by using the wrong product.
Furthermore,it is important of a skin care company to hire a good skin consultant because they will represent a company image and they are having the most interaction with customer.


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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Clinique Fragrance

Last week, i went to One Utama shopping.
When i passed by Clinique counter, i saw Clinique Happy Heart Perfume Spray.
Due to the curiousity, i sprayed it on my wrist.
The smell is a bit heavy for me...But after a few hour, the smell become lighter and nicer.

Beside that, i also found this Happy in Bloom Perfume Spray with Lipstick Compact.

I'm quite like the flowery design of the fragrance bottle.

But i din't try yet, so i'm not sure how is the smell.

If your hobbies is collect fragrance, maybe you can consider this fragrance because it is LIMITED EDITION!!!

Happy Set(Happy Perfume Spray 50ml, Happy Dual-Ended Rollerball 4.5ml including Glosswear SPF15 in Bamboo Pink and Happy Body Cream 75ml)

Aromatics Set( Aromatics Elixir Perfume Spray 45ml, Aromatics Body Wash promo size and Aromatics Elixir Body Cream 75ml)

These are the fragrance gift that you may give to your friend or someone special because it is all beautifully packed in toiletry bag.

The nice packaging of product will attract more consumer to buy it!


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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pore Minimizer Instant Perfector

Ya, i know the picture i took is really blur and s**k.
Recently my mood is so down+emo+depress and it also affect my photo taking skill.
Sorry for it...
I steal a more proper photo...

Yeah, i'm going to introduce Clinique pore minimizer instant perfector.
It is an invisible coverage before you make up.
After the 3 step skin care system, use it as a make up base.
I like this product because it leave a silky effect on skin.
It is very light and non-greasy.
After applying, my skin is like having an invisible layer on it.
The product is so amazing and i will introduce it to my friend!!!


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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Kill them with kindness

The spot just keep coming and never leave!!!
So frustrating and depressing....
My skin was easily break out with acne and it is really annoying me.
The Clinique skin consultant was introducing me with anti-blemish series.
Honestly, i can't afford to buy the large packaging because it is far more expensive than basic 3 step of clinique skin care.
Due to the limited budget that time, i just bought anti-blemish cleansing foam(125ml) with RM100...
sayonara, my RM100~
Thanks for the consideration and kindness of Clinique to held a workshop in MMU Malacca.
It gave me the chance to bought the complete set of anti-blemish series.
Instead of buying this...

I have bought this ,3 mini size travel package of anti-blemish series to try. Because of the limited budget,okay!!!
Sorry for me just keep mention limited budget:P
Hope my mum or dad will give me more pocket money(that is the reason,wink^_*)

So far, i was quite satisfied with the anti-blemish clarifying lotion because it will leaves my skin feels comfortable.

I'm using anti-blemish moisturizer as a skin protector before i applying sunblock or concealer.


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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Clinique City Block Sheer SPF25

The weather is so hot now!!!
Sun rays is like going to burn me into roti bakar...what kind of description?!=_=
Anyway, i walk to campus everyday and it is very important for me to protect myself from the horrible UV rays.
I'm using umbrella and apply sunblock to prevent myself become dark chocolate.

Thesedays, sun block can even come with a bit of tint and double as a makeup primer, like Clinique City Block Sheer Oil-Free Daily Face Protector SPF 25.

This oil-free lightweight cream provides an invisible shield,leaving behind a smooth natural finish primed for makeup application.

I have bought this sun blockers from last 2 week Clinique workshop, with a cheap price(^_^)Y
Every morning, i apply this sunblock on my face before i going out for class.
SPF is to defense UVB and PA is for the UVA protection.

This is Clinique Sun SPF 50 Body Cream. It will shields skin from damaging sun rays.
If you don't wish the aging and burning effect of UVA and UVB rays appear on your skin, you better apply the sun block everytime before you going out.hehe~


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Friday, February 27, 2009

Exiciting Clinique workshop

Guess what is inside the bag? Shh...i will tell you later.....
If you have passing by CLC concourse on this Tuesday and Wednesday, i'm sure you know what is happened.
Crowded outside A1 and A2.


Long queueing up for the free door gift!!!

But before you get the free door gift, you have to attend the Clinique workshop.

Through this workshop, you can learn the basic skin care and make up tips.

i did not feel boring at all because the workshop is only 45 minutes.

It is really a good thing that Clinique was coming in our campus and doing the roadshow.

There were a good response from MMU student. It also show the roadshow in campus is an effective promotion way.

Thus, i was able to buy Clinique product with a cheaper price:P

Students have the chance to buy the Clinique trial kit in an affordable price.

From the picture above, it shown the attractiveness of Clinique!!!

Clinique crazy promotion, i'm the one who buy crazily.
i have bought 6 sets of Clinique product during the roadshow.
Hey, i'm not rich.
I'm going to eat grass for the next coming month.
Spent RM 240 but it is worth!!!since the market price is much more expensive!!!
Cheaper price and so many type of product u may try on,why not?!


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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Clinique Clarifying Lotion

Clinique Clarifying Lotion can sweeps away your dead surface skin cells!!!
But u may think the smell of this toner is too strong or intolerable.
This toner is suitable for oily skin. If you are dry skin, i think this series of toner might not suit you.You may try the mild clarifying toner.
There are 4 different type of clarifying lotion designed for different skin type.
For me, this toner is ok for me since i have an oily skin.

Announcement: Clinique Workshop & Roadshow is coming to MMU Melaka!!!

Roadshow :
Date : 24/2/09 (Tue) -25/2/09 (Wed)
Time : 10.00am - 4.30pm
Venue : ClC Concourse
-One-on-one skin consultation with Clinique experts

-Exciting gifts and games
-Affordable starter sets for students (starting from RM35 onwards)

Workshop :
Date : 24/2/09 (Tue) - 25/2/09 (Wed)
Time : 1st session @11.00am2nd session @ 3.00pm
Venue : Sri Ruby Seminar Room

Register your name with SRC committee!!!

For futher information,u may visit :


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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

First try with Clinique product

I have been heard about Clinique through advertisement and i have found out that a lot of people share their nice experience with using Clinique product in forum.
Clinique is also well known with their allergy tested and 100% fragrance free make up and skin care product.
Sometime it is quite hard to find a suitable and effective skin care product but since Clinique have a good reputation and i decided to give a try on it.
My sister bought me a Clinique basic 3 step skin care. The 3 step skin care is liquid facial soap, clarifying lotion and moisturizing lotion.
Clinique's skin care products are marketed as part of the 3-Step System: Cleanse, Exfoliate, Moisturise.
It is a simple and takes a few minutes to apply on your face.

It is important to choose a good cleansing foam as it is the basic product to clean your face.
Everytime after I using Clinique liquid facial soap, my face feel fresh, clean and comfortable.

The price for Clinique liquid facial soap is RM78 .
The price is reasonable and you can use it for a long time since it is quite big packaging.

The cleansing facial soap is suitable for all skin type because it is custom-fit to skin type in very dry to dry, dry combination and combination oily or oily skin formulas.

If you are interested in Clinique product, you may go to Jaya Jusco in Bukit Beruang or Parkson in Mahkota Parade asking for detail.


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Monday, February 9, 2009

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